Hello, World!

Off we go!

In May 2017, I launched myself into the exciting and scary world of becoming an author. I wrote The North Carolina Homeschool Manual partly because I am passionate about homeschooling, but mostly because I remember how scary it was to make the leap into homeschooling.

I wanted to keep reaching out to homeschoolers, so I created The North Carolina Homeschool Manual Facebook page to reach other homeschooling families. I hoped to also reach out through blogging, but the problem was, I wasn’t sure where to find my voice. In the meantime, I worked on some new, upcoming projects, and I occasionally posted on The North Carolina Homeschool Manual page while I struggled to find my voice.


Finally, one particular post from a new homeschooling parent gave me my light bulb moment. It was a simple question posted to a group “What should I teach my fourth grader?” My instant reaction was: “anything you want.”

Those two sentences sound earth shattering, right? But what I realized is that often as new homeschoolers or even as veteran homeschoolers, we are afraid of straying too far from the traditional, “proven” method of schooling. And just like that I found my voice.

This blog will talk about typical homeschooling days, probably vent about frustrations, but it will definitely encourage you not to be afraid to think outside the box. Maybe you will find our own lightbulb moments sprinkled in here from time to time.

I’m looking forward to our journey together!  Thanks for coming along with me!