You Can Homeschool! Your Guide to Free Curriculum

You don’t have to break the bank to homeschool.

There are hundreds of free resources out there, but finding those resources are frustrating and time-consuming. We’ve just ended your search. Our one-click table of contents takes you to the subject you need and puts the information right at your fingertips. We’ve tracked down the resources and complied the lists to put together over seventy pages of links to over six hundred options.

Inside this book, you’ll find lesson plans, learning games, supplements, textbooks, and resources for special needs students. You Can Homeschool! Your Guide to Free Curriculum covers everything from all-in-one ready-to-use curriculums to individual core subjects (math, science, language arts) to electives for your older students. You can find everything you need to build a solid educational foundation for your student.- for free!

This book, compiled by a veteran homeschool mom and author, is packed with resources for any grade from pre-school to high school. You can homeschool any age, any grade, without breaking the bank!


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