Worried About Homeschooling? You’re Not Alone.

Things are changing quickly in our current environment. There’s an increasing interest in homeschooling as a viable plan for families. Meanwhile, other families have unwittingly become temporary homeschoolers. Whatever the situation, people are worried about homeschooling.  The concern I hear repeated most often is, “I am not qualified to homeschool.”

This concern takes many forms. You hear it expressed in sentences like, “I’m overwhelmed. I don’t feel qualified. I’m worried that I’m going to mess this up.”

You are not alone. Nearly every homeschooling parent has these concerns in the beginning.  Take a deep breath. You’re in good company.  To help you feel less worried about homeschooling, let’s tackle these common concerns.

I Feel Overwhelmed

First, let’s combat feeling overwhelmed. To start with, don’t feel like you have to hit the ground running. Take baby steps. Don’t worry about falling behind.  It’s okay to slow down and enjoy your children. You don’t have to sit everyone down at the table with worksheets, workbooks, or flashcards.

Learning happens even when it doesn’t look like learning. Let’s look at just a few examples. Coloring, drawing, and other arts and crafts build fine motor skills.  Playing board games builds counting or spelling skills. Minecraft even has lesson plans for incorporating the program into most school subjects! Keep an eye out for the upcoming Homeschool FUNdamentals blog series. We’ll talk more in-depth about how to break out of the traditional-learning box for some educational fun.

I’m Not Qualified

Next, let’s tackle the concern over qualifications.  There are many resources to help you out as a homeschool teacher. If you have a homeschool curriculum, follow any social media presence they have so you can ask questions there.  Khan Academy has videos on grammar, math, science, and many other subjects. Khan Academy is even offering sample daily schedules to help keep parents on track.  YouTube is a treasure trove of knowledge! If you feel utterly hopeless in a subject, look for online classes to help your child.

Above all, don’t be afraid to look up information with your children and learn together. It’s okay to admit when you don’t know something.  It’s even okay to tell your kids you weren’t very good at a subject.  Learn with them! Show them that it is okay to need help.

I’m Going to Mess This Up

Finally, what parent isn’t worried that they will mess something up in their child’s life? The best way to squash concerns and build your confidence is to connect with other homeschoolers. You can find all kinds of homeschooling groups on Facebook. Humorous, age- or grade-related, practical tips, multiple state groups.

The most vital thing you can do to make your homeschool successful is to reach out to other homeschooling parents.  I promise you, someone, somewhere is sharing your same struggles. You are not alone!

Don’t Worry

So, to recap. One, breathe deep and take things slowly. All is not lost if you don’t jump right into schooling on day one.  Two, don’t worry about not feeling qualified. There are resources to help you. Teacher’s guides, online resources, and online classes are all there to give you a hand up. Three, when you feel worried about homeschooling, “look for the helpers.” Reach out to the homeschool community, ask questions.

Above all, know that you’re not alone when you feel worried about homeschooling. Every homeschooler, at some point, has worried about homeschooling. Homeschoolers are a supportive community, and we are here to help. Have questions? Reach out now and ask in the comments below!

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