The Power of Arts in Your Homeschool

Traditional schools often drops arts courses to focus on core subjects like math, science, and reading. Not only are the arts ignored, in traditional schools, but also homeschools.   Finding resources for arts electives for your homeschool can be difficult, which leads to frustrated parents dropping arts subjects. In this blog post, I will make the argument for the power of arts in your homeschool.

Arts vs Core Subjects?

The arts are considered “nonessentials” by schools trying to meet test scores or by homeschool parents struggling to fit in subjects. Arts are also under fire in college education as well. Viral posts suggest dropping “unnecessary” arts classes in college. Some argue that dropping “unnecessary” courses lowers the number of credit hours , thereby lowering tuition.  Arguing the arts as nonessential overlooks the key aspect of arts – the benefits the arts have on training the brain.

Power of Arts to Students

 No matter the age, participating in the arts has benefits for all students. First, for young children, art develops motor skills.  Secondly, art builds language expression and decision making skills. Finally, for kids of all ages, art builds self-esteem, and  lowers stress

Power of Arts in Learning

A two-year study found that bringing art programs into underfunded schools increased math, reading, and even standardized testing scores.  Participating in art and music causes students to pay attention to details and to concentrate on their environment. 

Moreover, listening to music can help students better recall information.  Playing music raises academic performance by strengthening learning and memory. 

Cursive writing, which is increasingly falling by the wayside in favor of keyboarding, promotes better learning as well.  Studies have found that students who practice cursive writing better retain information.  Even freehand drawing a cursive letter, engages the brain’s motor pathways better than typing the letter on a keyboard. 

Arts are Necessary

In conclusion, don’t think of the arts as a waste of time and resources. Remember the positive learning effects arts have on students. Finally, if you are having a hard time finding lessons plans and art resources, check out my book You Can Homeschool! Your Guide to Free Curriculum.

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