Homeschool FUNdamentals Using Craft Time to Build Skills

For the past few weeks, we’ve been working through some ways to put the fun into homeschooling fundamentals. So far, we’ve explored adding easy science experiments and online gaming into your homeschool. In this post, we’re going to look at why you should consider adding craft time into your homeschool routine.

Benefits of Craft Time

There are many great reasons to work craft time into your homeschool. Arts and crafts build confidence and let kids explore self-expression. Children develop new skills through crafting and build STEM skills like construction and pattern recognition. Arts and crafts also help kids:

  • Develop fine motor skills
  • Learn to follow instructions
  • Develop focus, patience, and commitment
  • Develop problem-solving skills
  • Engage their imagination

Things Will Get Messy

No matter what age you have, from toddlers to teens, expect craft time to get messy. My teenage daughters and I put together pre-packaged door hanger crafts for the residents of our local nursing home.  Besides the pre-packaged supplies, we only needed school glue to create our craft. By the end, there were tiny stars and foam bits scattered all around the floor, and glue remnants smeared over the kitchen table.  

Of course, some of the messiest crafts can be the most fun. With warmer weather arriving, take craft time outside. Grab some bouncy balls, paint, and a couple of boxes and have some fun with this bouncy ball painting craft.  You can get super creative and add some science into the craft by creating your own bouncy balls first.

What Not to Do

Craft time is a good time for parent-child bonding.  Most importantly, it’s a time for kids to let their imaginations run wild. Resist the urge to jump in and help make the craft perfect.

Remember, don’t hurry your little crafter.  Crafting with kids is almost always going to take longer than you expect.  Kids might drag their feet in the beginning, ask for directions or help a million and one times, and if your child is having fun, they may not want to stop. Don’t try to squeeze a craft into a small window, everyone will only end up frustrated.

Let things go. Don’t stop along the way to clean up or pick up. Don’t interrupt the flow. You can always tidy up when everything is finished.  Letting your kids help you clean up after craft time is over is a good lesson in responsibility and follow-through.

Don’t forget about older kids. There are plenty of crafts out there for middle and high schoolers. It’s important for them to explore their creativity too.

Craft Time for You

Need some permission to take a few minutes for yourself? Craft time can make you a better parent. A report by CNN shows arts and crafts are an excellent way for our brains to help regulate emotions. Completing a project triggers dopamine, the reward center in our brain.  So find time to unleash your creativity.  

Need some crafting ideas? Check out our Arts & Crafts Pinterest board to find some fun craft time projects.

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