An Education in Homeschooling -Part 1

We’re Giving You an Education in Homeschooling

There is so much misinformation about homeschooling, and despite the successes, the misinformation never seems to go away. For example, one of the more persistent myths about homeschooling is a lack of socialization. As a homeschooling parent, I deal with the “What do you do about socialization” question on a regular basis.

My girls and I were talking about socialization and other homeschooling myths not long ago. I was shocked at the questions my girls get on a regular basis from both adults and kids. My kids gave me so many responses that this turned into a two-part blog series. With the help of my girls, we’re going to give you an education on outsider’s ideas of homeschooling.

You’re Normal, until You’re Not

There are two situations my girls say they encounter on a regular basis when they’re in social settings with other teens. Group organizers apologize for putting them in a large group because my girls are homeschooled and “aren’t used to that.”

Or, my kids engage in normal conversations until people find out the girls are homeschooled, and it immediately becomes awkward.

My girls have found that social situations are only awkward when non-homeschoolers find out my kids are homeschoolers.

Most Common Questions People Ask My Kids About Homeschooling

Here are some of the most common questions people ask my kids. Remember, this is a two-part series. We’re just scratching the surface with these first ten questions. My girls responses are in parenthesis.

  1. Do You Have Homework? (Duh, It’s all homework).
  2. Do You Actually Do [School] Work?
  3. Do you ever take breaks? (Kids eyeroll here. People either think we do nothing or work all the time.)
  4. Do You Have Friends? (Yes, my dog.)
  5. How do you make friends? (How do YOU make friends?)
  6. Do You EVER Go Outside? [Mom note: a DOCTOR asked my child this!]
  7. What About Prom? (I go with my dog.)
  8. What’s 2 + 2? [Mom note: yes, random people WILL quiz your children.]
  9. Why aren’t you in school? (We’re homeschooled, so then people ask us:)
  10. Are you sure [homeschooling] isn’t just an excuse?

What’s a Homeschooler To Do?

How do you handle these situations? Well, I guess that depends on your mood and patience level. The point is, these aren’t one-off or off-hand comments. These are questions my KIDS get on a regular basis about homeschooling.

How do my kids handle it? Well, it depends on their mood and patience level as well. They’ve told me sometimes they get creative in their answers and string people along. Sometimes they lose patience. Sometimes they just get hurt. My daughter felt hurt and mortified when the doctor asked her if she ever left the house.

I end my blog , The Battle You Won’t Win, by saying that despite what people think, I know the truth about homeschooling, and that’s my victory.

If you want more information about defeating common homeschooling myths, you can download our free e-book Fibs, Fables & Fictions.

More Education in Homeschooling

For those of you who aren’t as secure in the truths about homeschooling, let me build up your confidence.

Many studies find that homeschoolers outperform their public and private-school educated peers on tests and in college. Critics of these studies often point out that these are self-reported studies and that perhaps those homeschool students who did poorly would choose not to report. Other critics point out that not all socio-economic variables are accounted for. A small 2011 study of 37 homeschool students and 37 public school students did account for these socio-economic variables. The study found that homeschool students whose parents followed a structured curriculum scored higher on an achievement test that their public school peers.

So, don’t let misconceptions drag you down. Be confident in your homeschool successes.

Despite the continue misconceptions about homeschooling, and despite the questions, my family is proud to have given ourselves an education in homeschooling. We wouldn’t change it for the world.

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