An Education in Homeschooling- Part 2

In our last post, An Education in Homeschooling- Part 1, we talked about the most common myths homeschoolers face. I based these posts on common questions my KIDS get about homeschooling.

The point of this post is to give you an education in homeschooling myths. We’re not making fun of people, we’re not being snarky. The point is to share these questions so you can prepare yourself and your family.

Common Questions About Education in Homeschooling

  1. Are your parents super strict? (Alternatives to this: Are your parents very laid back? or Are you [the child] super spoiled?)
  2. Do your parents teach you anything?
  3. Do you actually do work?
  4. How do grades work? Do you get real grades?
  5. Is there a reason you’re not in school or is it a choice? (My kids: “Are they asking me if I’m too dumb to be in or school or if I’m a delinquent?”)
  6. Are you always studying?
  7. What grade are you in? (Kids pick a grade on the fly or just stare blankly.)
  8. Do you ever wonder what’s it like to go to “school” school?
  9. Will you ever go to real school?
  10. How do you live like a normal kid?

Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers?

As you can see, some of these questions are nothing short of derogatory. Despite the fact that homeschoolers traditionally perform as well as, or out perform their traditionally schooled peers. Homeschoolers are more community oriented than their traditionally schooled peers. Yet, as children, they’re asked, “How do you live a normal life?”

An Education in Homeschooling

So let’s address some of these questions. Are we super strict? No, but we definitely have expectations for our kids behavior. Are you super spoiled? No, well maybe. Does sleeping until 10 count?

Do they get real grades? Well, no, not until high school. We’ve been lucky to homeschool in states that don’t require grades. We know if they’re learning without a GPA to prove it.

Is there a reason you’re not in school, or is it a choice? Yes. The choice is the reason, and every year that passes makes us more secure in our choice.

Do they ever wonder what it’s like to go to “school” school and will they ever go to a real school? Well, my oldest went to “school” school and we decided to homeschool. Yes, my youngest who never went to school wondered what it was like in elementary school, but as she ages, she is happy to be homeschooling. Yes, both my girls do plan to go to college, so “real” school is in there future.

How do You Live Like a Normal Kid?

Well, they don’t. There, I said it. They don’t live like a normal kid. My kids have the time and freedom to explore their interests and opportunities.

Do I regret it? Not for an instant. My kids have had AMAZING opportunities that we never could have had if we weren’t homeschooling. Do every homeschoolers have these opportunities? Maybe not.

Are you looking for opportunities for your kids? The North Carolina Homeschool Manual has an appendix for clubs and contests for homeschoolers.

What’s a Homeschooling Parent to do?

Well, as we said inAn Education in Homeschooling- Part 1, we talked about the most common myths homeschoolers face. I based these posts on common questions my KIDS get about homeschooling.

” target=”_blank”> An Education In Homeschooling- Part 1, that is entirely up to you. You can patiently explain to people. You can ignore people, or you can do what my kids do and have some fun in your answers.

In the post Banishing “Should” from Your Homeschool, we encourage you to do what’s best for your homeschool regardless of what people think. The same applies here. No matter how mainstream homeschooling becomes prejudices will continue to exist. Take our advice and give yourself and your children an education in homeschooling so you can be prepared when the inevitable questions arise.

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